Smart Lenses

What is Smart Lens? Why is it needed?

Every human being has a natural lens in his eye, which is both transparent and elastic. With each near and far view, this lens focuses on the distance seen by changing the shape due to this flexibility. Thus both the distance and the near vision are clear.

Along with the advancing age, the natural lens in the eye loses its flexibility before it can no longer change shape and close focus on near vision, it loses its transparency and develops cataracts in later ages.

Our natural intraocular lens is a lens which can be replaced with new after losing its elasticity in around 40 years. Instead of our deformed natural lens, an artificial lens called Smart Lens is placed. This new lens will now be able to focus both on the distance, on the mid distance and close, and will give the person a clear view at all distances. In the case of a patient with a Smart Lens , the eye number never progresses and no more cataracts develop in this eye.

Who Can Have Smart Lenses?

Anyone who is over 40 years old, who has vision problems in the distance, near or both, and who wants to get rid of their glasses for life is naturally a candidate. Each eye to which a Smart Lens is attached will be able to see both distance and near on its own. The number will no longer grow for life and cataracts will never develop in the eye again.

In those younger than 35-40 years, if the eye number is too high to be corrected by laser, then Smart Lens treatment can be referred.

Persons who have undergone eye laser surgery may also choose Smart Lens if they experience vision loss, distant or near vision problems due to deformation of intraocular lenses.

If the individual has cataracts and wants to see both distance and near without glasses after cataract surgery, Smart Lens is also the first choice.

How does Smart Lens operation work?

Each eye is subjected to a process that takes about 10 minutes on separate days. Eyes are numbed with eye drops. General anesthesia, sedation or hospitalization is not required. In the completely painless operation, the Smart Lens is attached to the lens holder in the eye. After surgery, the eye is bandaged, the patient goes home, one night stay with an eye bandage and the bandage is removed from the eye the next day. The patient starts to see the same day. Within a few days, the same process is applied to the other eye.

What is the importance of multi-focus Lens?

Smart Lensesare permanent lenses that provide clear, close, clear view at near and far and mid distances.

The most important feature of smart lenses is their ability to provide mid distance clarity. Vision is clear at most important distances, such as computer usage distance, television viewing distance, and distance to kitchen countertops.


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