Eyelid Surgery (Droopy Lid)

What’s eyelid aesthetics without operation?

Non-operation eyelid aesthetics is the process in which problematic tissues are vaporized in the area desired to be treated without touching the tissue and by using plasma energy. During the operation no lancet is used, no cut is done and no suture is made.


Does the patient feel ache or pain?

As the procedure is performed with the help of a special device and via plasma energy, there’s no process that can create ache or pain. For this reason, it provides an important advantage for patients having operation fear.


Is it necessary to stay at hospital after treatment?

The operation can be performed in much shorter durations compared to operational surgical interventions. As no cut is made and there’s no bleeding risk, there is no necessity to stay at hospital or to be on probation. We are able to discharge patients immediately after the procedure.


Why ophthalmologist should be the one performing eye aesthetics?

It is crucial that ophthalmologists perform the processes to be implemented on eye and eye contours in order that any complications or unwanted results do not occur. As ophthalmologists well know the area on which the procedure shall be applied, health risks are minimized.


Is it a solution for wrinkles?

Our eyes and eye contours are the areas attended to mostly when communicating with people. Therefore, deterioration and aging signs in this area can tell on the person more quickly. Since people are dragged on a quick pace nowadays, effects of aging are observed at earlier ages. We see wrinkles even at mid-20s. Now it’s possible to remove the wrinkles in this area by eyelid surgery without operation.


Advantages of eyelid aesthetics without operation;

*No use of lancet, scissors.

*No narcosis.

*No suture.

*No dressing.

*No sex and age limitation.

*No risk of bleeding and infection.

*No side effects on vision.

*Renewal on skin.

*Effects lasting between five to ten years.

*Re-application possible when necessary.

*No obstacle to daily life.


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